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Broadcasting And SWL Links

Here are my links about shortwave broadcasting and other radio technology not centered on ham radio. The page with my ham radio links can be found on the left.

Historical Telecommunication

This section provides pointers to historical information about telecommunication in general and especially amateur radio. I started it after a contact with GB5GHT.

WLW Transmitter Facility Tour
In the 1930s, WLW was the most powerful AM transmitter un the USA with 500 kW of radio frequency power. You can see much of the original transmitter, hear about its history and see an important aspect of what ham radio is all about.
History of Maritime Communication
A cruse travel agency provides a short timeline about the history of wireless communication. (TNX Abby and Megan)
Newspaper Radio Logs
Over 45,000 newspaper radio logs compiled from the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Daily Tribune, and Los Angeles Times, spanning the years from 1930 through 1960.
American Radio History
A HUGE archive of radio or TV related periodicals and other information. Even contains the BYTE Magazine 1975 to 1984
The First 21 Years of the BBC World Service
A BBC feature from 1953
Eugen Gerald Marcuse, G2NM, 1886 - 1961
Biography about a British pioneer radio amateur
Willis Conover Archive
For the quarter of a century Willis Concover created the Jazz transmissions of th Voice of America. The University of North Texas has made some of his features available. See also The Rifftides Blog
Monitoring Times
A growing archive of this US magazine about shortwave listening and related topics
Radio Heritage Foundation
"The Co-operative Global Radio Memories Project
Ronald's Electronic Projects Site
Interested in the history of Philips electronic valves? Here you find lots of quite intimate information with some related topics like the RADAR system the British developed before WW II.
BBCeng.info – Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
An amazing collection of historical information and quite some technology contents, too.
Woofferton Transmitting Station
A video by Senior Transmitter Engineer Dave Porter, G40YX, especially about a 50-year-old 250 kW shortwave transmitter
United Staes Early Radio History
A remarkable private site about electronic communication 1897-1927
1944 "Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations"
A high-quality scan of a large-format poster from 1944.
History of WWV and the NIST Time Stations
A 152-page PDF book from the official source (NIST special publication 250-67)
Letter from America by Alistar Cooke
This series run at the BBC from 1946 to 2004 when Mr. Cooke diend at the age of 96. This is the series that impressed me most: He put life in the US in a long perspective and kept his European point of view. At that time the BBC World Service could be heard in Europe - depending on conditions I listened to Cooke on Sunday night on 9.445, 6.195, 1.296 or 648 kHz. Over the years one frequency after the other disappeared. And in 2004 the voice itself was gone. But now the BBC decided to make a selection of Cooke's more than 2.500 broadcasts available as podcasts.
The Portsdown Shutter Telegraph
As sad as it is: Wars always trigger advances in technology. This site is about an optical telegraph line during the Napoleon Wars.
AC6V: USA Amateur Radio History And Licencing
From the very beginnungs of telecommunications 2,500 years ago to modern US callsigns
The RMS Titanic Radio Page
Detailed information about the Titanic's wireless equipment and operation
Foundation for German communication and related technologies
A mixture of German and English texts
Vacuum Tubes
history and technology, with schematics
Ask Jan First
I am reluctant to link to commercial sites. But besides much materials you might need to restore tube equipment you find much information about vaccum tube technology – even some novel designs.

Shortwave Radio Blogs And Podcasts

Glenn Houser's World of Radio
A weekly podcast for the serious shortwave broadcast listener
DXers Unlimited
The scripts of the transmissions by CO2KK over Radio Havanna, Cuba
You should search for these scripts with your friendly search engine as a few episodes appear here and other few appear there. From what I know Internet access from Cuba is a cumbersome topic.
A video offering from down under: "The EEVblog is an off-the-cuff video blog and Podcast of interest to anyone involved in electronics design. Electronics professionals, hobbyists, hackers, and makers will find something of interest here." An interesting possibility to learn a special version of the English language...

Information And News Centered On Broadcasting and Utility Stations

QRM Guru
A Web site of the Amateur Radio Society of Australia dedicated to radio interference. You find lots of information in how to eliminate any noise that degrades your reception. For my taste, it largely neglects the fact that most noise is transferred by conductors and not radiated. In your home the first measure should be to turn off ine circuit breaker after the other. After you have found the correct circuit you should turn off one unit connencted to that circuit after the other, until you find the noise source.
K6STI: 88-108 MHz
Amateur radio know-how is also useful for FM radio reception. If you are interested in band-II antennas or other aspects of FM DXing this site is for you.
Prime Time Shortwave
Up-to-date schedules of English-language SW broadcasts and a SW links list
DX Info Centre
William Hepburn's Radio & TV DX Information Centre. Information for Amateur, Broadcast, Radiotelecommunication & Monitoring Stations
An amazing site! Access to a more or less complete database of shortwave broadcast transmissions by station, frequency, transmitter site and more. Shows the transmitter sites on a world map with the real day and night sides. Enter the frequency you are listening to and find all information – often including a link about the transmitter site.
Media Network Vintage Vault
Once upon a time there was Dutch Radio International with quite some interesting, high-quality contents. One highlight was the weekly Media Network. Its producer, Jonathan Marks, has made available several hundred of these programs in MP3 format.
Dirk Rijmenants: Cuban Agent Communications - Failure of a Perfect System
Number stations have been around since World War II: They transmit coded messages to agents in other countries. This paper documents their usage by Cuban agents un the USA.
Short Wave Heaven
Information for shortwave listeners, especially in NW Europe. Interesting link list.
"Your guide to shortwave radio listening, news and shortwave radio reviews"
American Radio History
"The Online History Resource for Broadcasters"
A virtual museum showing broadcast receivers containing forums, circuit diagrams and more.
Interval Signals Online
At times when digital frequency displays were uncommon it was not easy to tune to a specific broadcast station. Therefore the stations had their interval signals they sent before their transmissions. The most known certainly was the Di-Di-Di-Dum of the BBC.
Shortwave Bulletin
Primarily a weekly news service for broadcast listeners. Contains a link list to product tests of SW receivers, modifications for receivers and similar.
FM ScanRadio frequencies and transmitter maps world wide
Derived from a extensive data base this Web site computes the signal strengths of various broadcast transmitters at a given site. Other views show the listening range of long-wave and medium-wave transmitters. Great site!
The Radio Propagation Page
"The aim of this page is to provide a comprehensive listing of Internet sources relating to radio propagation at all levels from introductory to professional, and to present information on the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee"
Hard Core DX
The name is the program.
Radio Reference Wiki
A wiki about radio themes
Maritime DX on the MF Band
This page is meant to provide a single source of references for DXing voice maritime communications between 1600 to 3000 kHz.
Alexander von Obert * http://www.dl4no.de/thema/broadcas.htm
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